David M. Breen & staffDavid M. Breen & Co. Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors are based in Waterford City. They offer a comprehensive range of Accounting services including business advice , audit, taxation, liquidations & insolvency, and private wealth management.

 The Requirement

David M. Breen & Co. were looking to find a phone system that would satisfy their internal needs ( for example transfer call from switch directly to mobiles) but more importantly, that would enhance the service to their clients. They required a system that was modern, flexible, could fully integrate with their business processes, be cost effective and be easily administered internally. They required a phone system that was future proof , had advanced features, allowing them to identify the customer automatically and thus improve customer service as well as make call handling more efficient.

 Key Challenges & Solutions

 System must prove a return on investment: Our client wanted assurance that if he invested in a suitable system now, there would be a cost reducing effect on line rental and call traffic and thus they would have a defined period of time to gain a return on their investment.

 The Solution: The solution proposed by Radius would fix and reduce the clients call traffic costs to both landline and mobile, making it easy to define when the business would achieve payback for this solution.

System must be expandable to meet the client’s future expansion plans: One of the main requirements of the new system, is that it would fit in with the client’s future plans for expansion. This would be vital for the continued development and growth of the company.

 The Solution: Since the installation, David M Breen & Co. staffing levels have increased by nearly 30% but their call and line rental costs have remained static Businesses benefit greatly by having the ability to fix their costs which in turn allows them to budget and forecast far more accurately. The Panasonic NS700 supplied by Radius Telecom is capable of facilitating up to 1000 users & 130 lines, making it a great fit for the client’s expansion plans.

Requirement to move to VOIP traffic and lines: Like every company currently considering a move to VOIP, David M Breen & Co.required reassurance that this migration wouldn’t affect their quality of service “QOS”.

 The Solution: By explaining the relationship between broadband and VoIP and building in fail safes, the client was confident in allowing Radius Telecom to transfer the existing system to VoIP. David M Breen Radius Telecoms

 Pickup Voicemail from offsite locations: David M Breen & Co.  staff regularly carry out regular visits to their clients’ sites and can be out of office for several days at a time, so the telephony solution needed to

provide them with access to their Voicemail in real-time.

 The Solution: The Radius Voicemail to email solution means that David M Breen & Co.staff now have their voicemail messages emailed to them automatically and these can be listened to on their smartphones from any location.


Client Testimonial

Radius, through consultation and listening to our needs delivered a telephone system that works for our business. Not only did it meet the mark technically, the business can now expand, communicate and manage its phone system while sidestepping expensive rates and other limitations it faced before the upgrade.”

The Outcome

David M Breen & Co can now expand, communicate & manage it’s phone system while sidestepping expensive rates and other limitations it faced before the upgrade.

Radius prides themselves on customer service and liaised with the third party to ensure that there was no downtime or disruption to the client’s daily routine. This made the process hassle free for David M Breen & Co.


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