Leading Kilkenny/Carlow based legal firm Kearney Roche McGuinn (KRM) have recently implemented a multisite Unified Communications solution using Radius Telecom “A nationwide ICT company”.


The brief developed by both KRM and Radius through a process of consultation was to deploy a single telephone system to service both of KRMs locations in Kilkenny City and Tullow, Co Carlow. Prior to agreement, the Radius team of engineers and consultants reviewed the core infrastructure that was in place at both locations. Subsequently, broadband upgrades needed to take place to prepare the grounds for deployment of this VOIP powered solution.

Sean Dowling, Sales Manager from Radius Telecom stated “At Radius telecom we take a consultative approach to all of our deployments, with today’s broadband facilities, we are confident that this communications solution is primed, ready and is a secure solution for businesses today. We prepare the ground to ensure a smooth deployment and stability of the solution beyond deployment.”

“The initial brief was to deliver a multi-site solution that would garner a return on investment within 14 months, but our team are always pushing to add value to the original proposition through process improvement and we certainly achieved that at KRM”.

Key Benefits to KRM

• Work Practice Efficiency: During the consultation process Radius identified a process within KRM that could be improved through the deployment of technology. Two of the roles of KRM’s highly professional legal PA’s is to type out dictation while answering the phone to clients and or internal customers. The incumbent process to carry out this multirole requirement involved using a headset to listen to the dictation while typing out the content, when the phone would ring the PA would stop the dictation software, remove the headset and answer the phone. Radius identified that this process could be short circuited by the introduction of a generic headset and controller hub that would work for requirements.

Now PA’s at KRM have one headset that connects to both PC and handset, when the phone rings they simply press a button on the hub and this flicks the headset from dictation mode to answering the phone with the process reversed once the call is finished.

• Two locations one phone system: KRM operate out of two offices, Kilkenny & Carlow, with no telephony linkage between both offices.

Radius delivered a multi-site solution that now allows KRM to transfer calls from site to site seamlessly and at no extra cost, this approach also gives KRM the option to centralise their reception function in one single site on occasions when staff resources are stretched for reasons of illness/holidays etc.

• Reduced running costs and Significant ROI: By introducing multiple alternative carriers and engaging least cost routing for all traffic, while also carrying out an audit on all conventional lines in the company Radius reduced KRMs monthly bill by nearly 60%. This means that this valuable asset has now been modernised but will have produced a return on investment within a 14-month period. Sean Dowling of Radius Telecom stated “In the fallout from the recession one positive byproduct from an SME perspective is the willingness of companies to push the envelope using technology to achieve savings, companies will struggle to find capital projects that actually start earning them money from the date of installation, modernising your business telecoms can produce these type of results.

• Zero Downtime during deployment: Given the service level that KRM offer to their clients, Radius set out to deliver a deployment that:

1. Did not disrupt their staff.
2. Did not produce a show stopper in terms of the day to day business.

Traditionally these type of deployments cause some downtime in terms of inbound/outbound calling but Radius’ parallel approach to system installation means that downtime was zero and the transition from one system to another was seamless. Michelle Treacy senior solicitor at KRM stated “We were really nervous about the potential for downtime during this switch, previous experience had told us that very little in terms of ICT is seamless, but we were more than pleasantly surprised with Radius”

Quote from KRM – “Radius’ Cloud Telephony solution provided us with a single, integrated communications system across our offices, enabling us to handle and direct customer calls far more efficiently while removing nearly 60% of our telephony costs. The solution has been a game changer for us.”

Sean Dowling, Sales Manager from Radius Telecom added – “these are exciting times at Radius telecoms and with our cloud based VOIP system we can now bring this technology to firms with as little as two telephones, where this technology was previously unavailable”


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