St Jarlaths Credit Union VoIP Phone System Deployment

Radius Telecom were tasked with delivering a ‘one phone system solution’ for St Jarlaths Credit Union’s 10 locations. The client requested a number of services:

  • That level 1 client telephone contact be centralised in their Tuam branch
  • Both call recording and detailed call metrics were two essential components needed
  • The system must manage a network of branches that are geographically spread out

In addition to the required functionality, St Jarlaths wanted a clear and precise return on investment period which was required to be under 24 months.

Radius Telecom met the requirements.

Deployment: Radius Telecom deployed a Panasonic NS1000 multi-tenant hybrid phone system on top of the clients existing Panasonic TEA system, this approach to deployment meant there was minimum disruption to St Jarlaths day to day business throughout the deployment. Once the Tuam location had been retro-fitted, the Radius engineers moved from site to site bringing them online one by one.

Centralise Customer contact: By moving St Jarlaths to VoIP technology for lines and traffic this enabled Radius to direct all calls for all branches to one location – “Tuam”. Now a single operator answers all calls and carries out level 1 support for clients of all 10 branches. Radius installed call handling software that gives this operator a view of the status of all extensions across the branches showing “who’s on the phone and who’s not”. If a call needs to be transferred, the operator can now just ‘drag the call’ across her computer screen and drop it onto the extension of the branch. The operator can work more efficiently and this helps compensate for the increased amount of traffic generated by the additional branches.

Call recording + Call Metrics:  Special tools are required to give the manager better visibility both in real-time and retrospectively. Radius Telecom installed SIP call recording software providing the group manager clear information when investigating customer disputes. The call recording server is based at the Tuam office but can be accessed by anybody in the group with the required permissions and gives data on calls such as, filtered by time of day, number used to contact the branch, etc. Radius also supplied a full call metrics package which gives a real-time snapshot view of the inbound/outbound call levels both at HQ and at each of the branches. This allows our client to dynamically allocate resources where there needed in real time.

The reporting element of this package also produces automated reports which are emailed to line managers daily/weekly/monthly. These statistics provide vital information when measuring the success of a marketing campaign in terms of increased inbound call volumes to specific numbers.

Return on Investment: Radius provided St Jarlaths – in advance of deployment – a monthly fixed cost to run the new phone system solution. This cost included unlimited calls from all branches to Irish and UK landlines as well as Irish mobiles, all line rentals and a fully managed maintenance contract. This cost was significantly lower than the combined operational costs of the previous telephony across the 10 locations thus giving St Jarlaths Credit Union a very precise return on investment.


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