How App Stores Create Shadow IT

How App Stores Create Shadow IT & What You Can Do About It   You’re probably familiar with app stores—in fact, there’s a very good chance you’ve downloaded an application from one at some point. But did you know that app stores can actually be a hazard to your business? They can—in the form of … Continued

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How To Perform A Shadow IT Audit

  Many have discussed how shadow IT can make your company stronger — it encourages innovation, gives you access to valuable data, and lets you analyze your employees’ personal behavior. The only way to benefit from that information is to identify what technology your employees are seeking, and work to make the right applications available … Continued

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Radius Emergency Email

    Email is the single most critical element of business communications. What happens if your email is out for an hour – or even an entire day. Connectivity or mail server outages can have an immediate and catastrophic effect on the ability of any organisation to remain in touch with its customer base. Put … Continued

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Radius BlockMail Email Archiving

    Email and IM Forensic Compliant Archiving   Radius BlockMail Email Archiving addresses the problems faced by the majority of organisations, to effectively police the storage, retention, management and use of email to satisfy both business and regularity needs. E-Discovery requests requires the use of appropriate audit trails that will stand up in court. … Continued

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Radius Blended Threats Module

  Radius Blended Threats Module     Wipe out targeted attacks   Overview   Criminals who organize targeted attacks based on blended threats emails use social engineering techniques to craft email messages that appear to be from a trusted sender but actually contain a link to a website hosting malicious code. They will then use … Continued

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What Is The Future Of Cloud Management?

  We see a shift happening in IT management… Today, companies are beginning to put a lot of effort and energy into the technical management of clouds. They’re trying to compare solutions, simplify the on- and off-boarding process, improve their reporting, and make sure the right alerts are going out. (Sound like your company?) But while this focus on … Continued

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Why Multi-Cloud Makes User Management More Difficult Than Ever

Everyone uses the cloud these days—it reduces long-term financial commitments, updates software automatically, and provides flexibility. But what happens when businesses run into multi-cloud? Several things… and not all of them are good. Multi-cloud can turn streamlined productivity into an IT nightmare, making user management extremely difficult in several ways. Luckily, there are some things … Continued

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Home Instead Optimise Communications with Radius

Home Instead Optimise Communications Radius Technologies Enable Home Instead to Optimise Communications Home Instead Waterford recently had a state-of-the-art phone system installed to cater for their two separate companies (Home Instead Senior Care and NAS Centre). This system offers real efficiencies in terms of the best use of labour resources, with wireless capability empowering staff to fulfil … Continued

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