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Eir is warning customers that its modems have been compromised in a security breach. It is understood at least 2,000 have been breached by a computer virus.

According to RTE news, at least 2,000 customers have been hacked as a result of the customers’ routers being vulnerable to infection in the form of a computer virus.

The router models affected are the D1000 and P-660HN-T1A models made by Taiwanese manufacturer, Zyxel. Fibre modems are not impacted.

The virus places the modem in a network of routers that have also been infected, before turning them into a collective hacking tool, known as a botnet.

According to Eir, it immediately took action to mitigate the risk to customers, by remotely pushing out a software update to the modems.

It also put in place a security filter on its own network to stop traffic from outside getting access to the vulnerability.

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