Does your Business Need to Switch to VoIP ?

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VoIP will cut your phone costs and increase productivity within your business. But how much can your company benefit from the switch?

The days of your business being anchored to a single physical location are now behind us, as more and more companies choose to do their business on the move. Working from a set office is important, yes, but the power to be mobile and to be able to do business anywhere is essential. This is where VoIP excels. Mobility is a key feature of VoIP. However, that’s not all.

For example, imagine being able to make long-distance phone calls without the long-distance price; or hosting a video conference through your phone whether you are in the office or not; or not having to worry about the cost of line rental on top of your data charges.

This is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and it’s available to companies of all sizes. Lower telecoms costs and higher productivity are the great by-products of VoIP. Business customers can make substantial savings due to the fact that VoIP travels over your Data network, as opposed to the standard phone network, which allows for big savings in maintenance and line rental costs. This coupled with the extra features that a standard phone line cannot offer (Video conferencing, complete control over call handling/routing, managing calls from anywhere, etc.) make VoIP a must-have for your business.

Over the last number of years, Radius-Telecom have been defining and redefining our VoIP service and armed with this experience and expertise we can offer a bespoke solution for your business – from Enterprise to SME – that is second to none.

Even though the benefits of VoIP are huge, some more cautious businesses are still holding back, citing concerns over the quality of voice over VoIP, or the pricing/complexities of the technology.

To counter that argument, let’s look at some facts:

1. Admittedly, in the early days, as VoIP required both parties to be at a computer, this made the system very limiting and in many cases it had an adverse affect on the sound quality. However, things have moved on since then. Now, you can use your normal phone – or a feature-laden VoIP phone – to send and receive calls – and much more!  

2. Sound quality has vastly improved – in fact most commentators agree that the audio quality with VoIP is far superior to the quality of your traditional copper-based phone systems..

3. VoIP services makes your phone system highly flexible. As mentioned earlier, VoIP systems allow you to do things that are simply not possible with traditional phone technology.

4. If your business is a multi-site one, Radius-Telecom can integrate all sites thus reducing inter-company communication costs, removing leased lines, etc.

5. Businesses now have the ability to manage all calls over their existing data network without the need for a standard phone line, which leads to even further cost savings and benefits, as well simplifying maintenance.

6. The Bottom line: VoIP can significantly reduce your telecom costs. Operating costs for VoIP service through Radius-Telecom are significantly lower than the cost of your traditional phone system managed by a phone company.

The real beauty of VoIP is that the size of your company does not really matter. Due to the scalable nature of VoIP, you can have a 3 phone office or a 2,000+ phone multi-site business identical in terms of features yet affordable to both.

If you’re now considering a switch to VoIP service, why not contact Radius-Telecom, the real experts in the field of VoIP? Alternatively, you can use the Radius Telecom Calculator to check how suitable your VoIP is for your business.

We look forward to discussing your Telecoms needs and to finding the right solution for you!

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